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The brief

To create authentic and engaging community-focused content on owned channels and mass-appeal entertainment on broader platforms.

The approach

Building off our deep insight of Microsoft brands, gamers, studios and products we are a trusted partner to develop relevant and entertaining content to build and interact with the Microsoft community.  

The execution

During our decade long partnership with Microsoft, we have worked together to deliver all their key moments, big or small. From press conferences at Xbox Gamescom and community building content with Xbox On, Inside Xbox and Xbox Interactive. We have created award winning game launch activations for key title such Sea of Thieves, PUBG and Rise of the Tomb Raider.
Delivered innovative broadcast techniques with the interactive Forza Horizon 4 season simulator and Mixer’s Hypezone Live, broadcasting at every key gamer event from E3 to Brasil Game show. We have produced can’t miss mass entertainment moments via Xbox Pop Culture sessions which featured everyone from John Boyega, Vin Diesel, Chris Evans, Lebron James and James Corden taking on gaming challenges. We have activated Guinness World Records with a human cannibal and streamed live from a hot air balloon. We know how to deliver truly authentic Microsoft content.



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