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Shadow Project

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The brief

To bring the McLaren brand to a new generation via the most ambitious racing esports competition ever undertaken.

The approach

We partnered with McLaren to create a cohesive finals format that pushed the boundaries of a standard esports broadcast. Building a format that was valid for hardcore esports fans and was broad enough to engage casual gaming enthusiasts across 5 different racing titles, on 4 different platforms.



The execution

The McLaren Shadow Finals embodied what competitive entertainment is. Layering the narrative of the drivers and their journeys in amongst their real-time data performance in their race to be crowned champion. Premier talent were brought in to weave the story of the finals all while hitting key target audience groups. The talent included Formula E’s Nicki Shields, esports shout caster Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez and content creator BlackPanthaa. The grand final saw the top three go head to head in a winner takes all final race in the McLaren Technology Learning Centre. Our cutting-edge approach put McLaren at the forefront of gaming competitions.


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