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The brief

To breathe new life into the traditional E3 press conference broadcast. 

The approach

Activating our AD+D footprint, we put players at the centre of our thinking by freeing the press conference format and giving the audience news and updates they care about via curated appointments to view.  

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The execution

Streamed live from the heart of EA PLAY, we turned each of the gaming titles into episodic segments.  Repositioning the stage to sit within the outdoor fanfest, meant that for the first time in E3 history fans could be front and centre. The conversational tone pivoted the announcements from talking at, to amongst the players, about the games they love from the people who make them. Pairing heavyweight hosting talent Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez, Greg Miller and Julia Hardy with members of the EA Community Team ensured we found the right balance of client, fan and entertainment.  



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