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Clash Royale

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The brief

To take the global appeal of the inaugural year of the Clash Royale League and translate it into the world’s biggest mobile esports event. 

The approach

Activating our AD+D footprint, we utilised Supercell’s focus on mobile and community to influence the viewing experience. Celebrating the diverse, global player base at scale in an inclusive, entertaining execution. 

The execution

Travelling from London’s Copper Box Arena in 2017 to Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe in 2018, we transformed the main stage into an elevated platform to bring an intimate atmosphere to the stadium. Positioning the vocal live audience closer to the action (whose enthusiasm led to the event selling out in under 2 hours) brought electric emotion to the people in the room and the audience tuning in at home. By opening the floor up for our roaming cameras, we were able to capture the moments of elation shared by competitors in their team dugouts during their hard-fought moments in the spotlight. The engaged audience, exceptional venue and easy-to-follow action created an esports spectacle that set the benchmark for the rest of the mobile gaming market. 





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